Product features

GovCMS comes loaded with features especially designed for government websites.

GovCMS offers a flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end service for Australian Government websites. This includes everything from design through to implementation and hosting.

Available to all tiers of government.

A hosting-only service is available if you need more flexibility.


GovCMS basics

Product features


GovCMS is built on Drupal Open Source Software, so any new functionality developed for one agency can be shared across all GovCMS websites. All GovCMS changes go through a certification process.


Proactively tested and maintained to meet government standards and fend off threats to agency websites. More about security.


Provides agencies with a starting point and tools to create accessible websites. Out of the box, GovCMS core functions and features (the distribution) are WCAG AA compliant and follow best practice service design based on the Digital Services Standard.


With government website audiences increasingly mobile and new devices appearing all the time, rest assured that GovCMS will provide a responsive and adaptable solution without any effort on your part. Your GovCMS website will work well on any device.