Your GovCMS journey

Welcome to GovCMS. Our goal is to help you deliver and maintain a secure, modern and user-friendly website. We know this process can be complex, which is why we want you to feel as prepared as possible. The information below will help guide you through our processes.

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Phase 1: Engagement

  • Engagement phase

    This is where your journey begins. Our Engagement team will work with you to completely understand your website needs and timelines.

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    Journey - People

Phase 2: Onboarding and build

  • Onboarding phase

    Our onboarding team will talk you through the steps we’ll take together to bring your website onto the GovCMS platform.

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    Journey - Document
  • Building your website

    It’s exciting to see everything come together during the building stage. Here’s what we’ll need to do to get the job done.

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    Journey - Code

Phase 3: Go live

  • Preparing for go live

    There are a few technical steps you’ll need to take during this stage. We'll guide you along the way.

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    Journey - Transform
  • Go live

    This is your moment to shine. All the heavy lifting is done. We’ll talk you through a few steps for you to complete and then you can lift the shield and reveal your website to the world.

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    Journey - Rocket

Phase 4: Maintenance

  • After go live

    Once you’re live, we’ll help troubleshoot any problems you may come across.

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    Journey - Clock
  • Maintaining your website

    Your new website will need regular care and ongoing maintenance.

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    Journey - Computer