Understanding costs and timing

Generic examples based on real agencies.

Agency M - medium sized site

As a result of Machinery of Government (MoG) changes, Agency M had to move a website. The move had to be completed in a very short time-frame to meet the MoG timelines.

The website received around 350,000 page views per month and consisted primarily of flat content, with approximately 1,000 nodes. It was not a complex site, so the SaaS option and medium pricing plan provided the most timely and cost-effective solution. Agency M had no in-house Drupal expertise.They engaged Finance as the service provider to build the site. Due to the timeframe, the proposal included little or no site enhancements or improvements.

The solution involved 2 x 2 week sprints using Agile project methodology. Agency M provided a full-time on-site product owner for the duration of the sprints and Finance provided full-time technical resources experienced in Drupal and familiar with the govCMS distribution. The Department of Finance and Agency M agreed to the sprint schedule and work commenced shortly after signing of the MoU. Agency M provided the design assets necessary for creation of the theme and the content, prior to sprint commencement.

Total cost: $98,000, which included the annual hosting cost of $56,000 for a medium site.

Total time: 2 months from initial discussion to launch.

Agency S – medium sized site + additional services package

Agency S wanted to migrate an existing site from SharePoint to a new platform. The site contained approximately 150 pages and received around 180,000 page views per month.

Agency S decided to use their govCMS move as an opportunity to refresh the site. They purchased an Additional Services package which included a discovery workshop and an architecture phase; plus an assigned technical architect and a project manager for a total of 160 hrs over 4 weeks. Agency S provided a site owner, a content manager and a site developer.

  • Week 1 - on-site discovery and early prototype phase - requirements mapped, website architecture defined, development of working site commenced
  • Week 2 - agency development of govCMS website, with remote assistance from technical architect to answer questions and resolve issues
  • Week 3 - on-site prototype development - technical architect worked with agency team to review requirements and alignment to govCMS
  • Week 4 - agency development of govCMS website and migration/creation of content, with technical architect and project manager available to answer questions and resolve issues.

Total cost: $119,500 - comprised of $56,000 annual hosting cost + $63,500 for their chosen additional services package.

Total time: 3.5 months from initial discussion to launch.