GovCMS SaaS Drupal 8 update (April 2020) (8.x-1.3)

GovCMS SaaS Drupal 8 update (April 2020) (8.x-1.3)

The latest GovCMS Drupal 8 (D8) distribution update has been released. Deployment is scheduled for 4 and 5 May 2020.

Software as a Service (SaaS) customers do not need to do anything before or after the update, although we encourage you to do post release verification testing.

If you have any concerns, please create a GovCMS Service Desk ticket (

What is included in the update?

This release contains:

  • an upgrade to PHP 7.3
  • a Drupal core upgrade
  • module updates
  • a bug fix.

Upgrade to PHP 7.3

Active support for PHP 7.2 stopped on 30 November 2019. Security support stops on 30 November 2020, which means that PHP 7.2 is at end of life .

The GovCMS D8 update includes an upgrade to PHP 7.3, which is supported until 6 December 2020.


Drupal core update

The GovCMS D8 update upgrades the Drupal core from 8.8.1 to 8.8.5.

Module updates

The GovCMS D8 update includes updates to the following modules:

  • search_api_solr 8.x-3.9
  • search_api_attachments 8.x-1.0-beta16
  • dropzonejs 8.x-2.1.

Bug fixes

This release includes a fix and update for an access denied error when downloading private files.

See: .

What does the update remove from the GovCMS D8 distribution?

The update does not remove or disable modules.

What support will be provided for the GovCMS D8 distribution after the update?

The GovCMS D8 distribution will continue to be supported after this update.

What must my organisation do now?

If your organisation has signed up to a Service as a Software (SaaS) service offering, you do not need to do anything – we will update your website(s) as part of your service agreement. Websites for SaaS customers who:

  • do not use search_api_solr as the search engine will be updated on 4 May 2020
  • use search_api_solr as the search engine will be updated on 5 May 2020.

This is because the search_api_solr module update must be applied manually by the GovCMS team. For SaaS customers only, this does not affect your existing deployment plans; changes can go ahead.

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