GovCMS Lagoon D7 3.15.2 Release (August 2020)

This release fixes an issue GovCMS identified with file re-directs in sites that were migrated from the Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) in 2018.

GovCMS is only aware of one website impacted. Other websites with a legacy ACSF URL may also be impacted.

The error causes an SSL error when downloading files in the theme folder. This fix allows for the redirect to the correct file path via a correct https:// location.

What is included in the update?

This release updates Lagoon from D7 3.15.1 to D7 3.15.2. It includes:

  • a refresh of govcmslagoon images
  • a fix for mix-mode SSL errors where websites have legacy redirects in the theme


What must my organisation do now?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) customers should review the detailed information about this update. You may need to apply updates.

Updated files are available from:

SaaS customers don’t need to perform any actions as part of the deployment but do need to check their site after the deployment to ensure there aren’t any issues.

All GovCMS D7 customers should plan now to transition their website(s) to GovCMS Drupal 8 or 9.

Contact details

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