GovCMS Drupal 8 update (June 2020) (8.x-1.4)

GovCMS Drupal 8 update (June 2020) (8.x-1.4)

Pending the release process, the latest GovCMS Drupal 8 (D8) distribution update is due to be released on 5 June 2020. Deployment is scheduled for 10 June 2020.

What is included in the update?

This release contains:

  • a Drupal core upgrade
  • module updates
  • a new module
  • security patches for the Webform module
  • a bug fix.

Drupal core update

The GovCMS D8 update upgrades the Drupal core from 8.8.5 to 8.8.6.

Module updates

Table 1 identifies the modules that are being updated. The modules are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1 Updated modules



Config Filter 8.x-1.5 (from 8.x-1.4)

Drupal 9 (D9) ready

Contact Storage 8.x-1.0 (from 8.x-1.0 beta9)

D9 ready

Crop API 8.x-2.1 (from 8.x-1.5)

D9 ready

Simple OAuth 8.x-4.5 (from 8.x-3.14)

D9 ready

Simple XML Sitemap 8.x-v3.4 (from 8.x-3.0)

D9 ready

Entity Class Formatter 8.x-1.3 (from 8.x-1.1)

D9 ready

Module additions

The update contains one new module – the Minisite module (8.x-1.2). This module allows you to create a small, secondary website on an existing GovCMS website.

Example: An annual report website.

This module is D9 ready.


Security updates

The GovCMS D8 update updates the Webform module from 8.x-5.8 to 8.x-5.13 to fix multiple security vulnerabilities. This module is D9 ready.


Bug fixes

The GovCMS D8 update fixes the bug that caused an error when content is rendered outside a route.

Example: In drush cron.


What does the update remove from the GovCMS D8 distribution?

The update does not remove or disable modules.

What support will be provided for the GovCMS D8 distribution after the update?

The GovCMS D8 distribution will continue to be supported after this update.

What must my organisation do now?

PaaS customers should review the detailed information about this update. A link to this information in GitHub is available here: . You may need to apply updates.

SaaS customers don't need to perform any actions as part of the deployment, but do need to check their sites after the deployment to ensure there aren't any issues..

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