Agency update - August 2020

  • Are you ready for Drupal 9?

    Drupal released Drupal 9 in June this year. We are working on the GovCMS Drupal 9 distribution as a high priority. Find out what this means for you and your website/s.

    Pricing increase

    Our prices will increase from 1 November 2020 as a result of additional security and infrastructure work and foreign currency rates affecting contracts with our suppliers.

    Training modules available online

    Our Content Administration and Site Builder training manuals are now available online. We're also delivered our first online training as a pilot.

    Two-factor authentication

    Thank you to everyone who has ‘opted in’ to use 2FA or have a plan in place. Don’t wait until you move your website to Drupal 9. Implement 2FA now.

    About the Minisite module

    We’ve added the Minisite module to the GovCMS distribution. This module allows you to create a small, secondary website on an existing GovCMS website. It’s a great way to manage the publishing of annual reports.

    Privacy impact assessments for GovCMS

    We’ve almost completed the Privacy Impact Assessment for GovCMS. Our next step is to make it easier for you to complete yours.

    Meet the team – introducing Alistair

    Alistair is the latest tech-wizz to join GovCMS. As a previous GovCMS customer he is invested in driving positive change.

    Mad Hatter’s tea party

    Remote working creates its own unique set of challenges. Connecting with your team and the community might be more challenging Mad Hatter’s tea parties are held 2pm each Wednesday. Join us for an informal chat or to ask us questions.

    Reminder: your contributions are needed for the GovCMS gallery

    The GovCMS website gallery is live. Have you provided an accurate description of your website for the gallery?