User insights board – user feedback improves govCMS

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Here at govCMS central we use all types of user research, testing and feedback to improve the features and functions of the govCMS service. One of the most effective tools is our user insights board.


We gather information from users through interviews, community meetings, online forums, usability test sessions, feedback from surveys and discovery research. We analyse this information, find themes and trends, and capture the statements or “insights” on coloured cards. We have a rudimentary system for weighting insights – the more something gets mentioned the more sticky dots it gets. This help us prioritise what we need to work on first.

The user insights board is located on the wall right where we work. Everyone from our developers to our senior executives browses the wall from time to time, and we love showing our customers when they visit and getting them to add a new insights or vote up one already there. It really does help us keep sight of what is important to our users.

But the insights board is only half the story, we also translate many of our user insights into JIRA tickets on our various product backlogs so we can start working on problems and addressing unmet needs. For example, many of our users have been asking for more documentation – it had a lot of dots! We raised and prioritised this as a user story on a ticket, and a bunch of ongoing work has ensued including the creation of a knowledge base on our website.

We think service design and Agile go together like coffee and donuts. Here is a picture of how we use both to drive service improvement in govCMS:


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Title: User Research: Service Design and Agile.

Author: Vanessa Roarty & Heath Keighran.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

For further information about our approach, or if you are in Canberra and want to see the insights board in action, please contact the govCMS [at] (govCMS Team).