Open source collaboration to implement a data visualisation module on govCMS

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Agencies on govCMS are reaping the benefits of an open and shared service with the addition of the new govCMS CKAN feature. This functionality allows govCMS users to connect to and creatively visualise data on their websites from stored CKAN data repositories, such as

The new feature was initiated by the Department of the Environment and Energy who worked closely with the Department of Finance and Doghouse Digital Agency to develop the CKAN module for their digital State of the Environment (SoE) project. Once completed the project will provide users data visualisations and open licence data on the national state of the Australian environment. This work  aligned with the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet project for, so development effort was shared between the two agencies.

“This extension to the functionality of the govCMS platform gives government agencies another excellent reason to use the service and to make data available through,” explained Helen Owens, Principle Advisor Public Data Branch, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

“Agencies will now be able to create interactive visualisations on their website backed by the infrastructure, made with publicly available open data. The new data visualisation capability improves the discoverability and usability of this data.

Ongoing development of the govCMS CKAN feature continues. Join the govCMS Community and share your thoughts for future improvements. 

For further information about govCMS CKAN contact the govCMS Team.