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In December 2015 the govCMS Team was proud to acknowledge the Department of Human Services (DHS) signing up to the govCMS service. Earlier this month DHS launched the site on the govCMS Platform as a Services (PaaS) environment. 

govCMS is an ideal hosting solution for the site given the importance of the information and services it delivers to Australian citizens. The reliability of govCMS ensures that the 115 million visits and 225 million page views per year are seamlessly supported.

With a skilled business and technical team, DHS redeveloped the site in-house. To support the development work, DHS staff participated in a three week govCMS Jumpstart program which provided them with hands on experience developing a site for govCMS.  After completion of the Jumpstart program, DHS were well positioned to continue work independently to complete the site.

In considering the govCMS hosting options it was clear to DHS that the flexibility offered by the govCMS PaaS environment, coupled with their internal technical expertise, meant that govCMS PaaS was the perfect fit.

It’s not just the flexibility of the platform offerings which appealed to DHS. Julie Watkins-Lyall, Director and Chief Editor, eGov Information Layer and Web Access Section in DHS described DHS’s experience engaging with govCMS as “a smooth, informative process which supported us to deliver our objectives”. Moving forward DHS is committed to the continued improvement of the website, which has been made just a little bit easier with the help of govCMS.