Happy New Year

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Welcome back to work from the govCMS team; we hope you had a nice and relaxing holiday. We’re looking forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond.

The govCMS community continues to grow. We currently have 18 sites in development. Some of these will go live during January and join the 119 sites already running on the govCMS platform.

We have a busy year ahead. Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar:

The community will continue to have a big role during 2017. We’ll be asking for some volunteers to help us bring agencies together to run some experiments using Drupal 8, the grassroots community meetups will kick off again, and more govCMS training will be available.

What’s your priority for 2017? How can the govCMS team help? Get in touch: govcms [at] finance.gov.au