govCMS Platform as a Service offering launches providing an option for customisation and flexibility

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govCMS now caters for agencies that need higher levels of control, customisation and flexibility for their websites. The govCMS Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, available through Acquia Cloud Enterprise (ACE), is ideal for bespoke Drupal websites. govCMS PaaS has previously only been available to a limited number of early adopter agencies such as the Department of Finance and the Department of Social Services who helped shaped the offering. We are pleased to announce that govCMS PaaS is now broadly available to agencies from all tiers of government.

govCMS PaaS lets agencies develop multiple sites using different Drupal code bases, all within individually owned, dedicated cloud environments. However, with greater control comes greater responsibility.  All govCMS PaaS customers are fully responsible for the management of the application layer of their sites. This includes security (e.g. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection, IRAP assessment, etc), Drupal patching and standard compliance.

The PaaS offering is available alongside the govCMS Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. In contrast to PaaS, the SaaS offering provides a shared Drupal environment that includes standard compliance, security accreditation and software and infrastructure maintenance so that agencies can focus more on their business and their customers. The SaaS offering uses the govCMS Drupal distribution and offers the broadest range of benefits through its fully managed service.

So govCMS now has a solution for most agencies, whether they need the freedom and flexibility of PaaS or the certainty and fully managed service of SaaS.

Further information about the govCMS SaaS and PaaS offerings is available on the Products and Services page of the govCMS website.