govCMS Mega Meeting

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On Thursday 24 November we hosted the 2nd govCMS mega meeting for 2016. Over 70 agency and govCMS staff got together to enjoy pizza and cake, share stories and provide input on the govCMS roadmap for 2017.

After lunch Scott (IP Australia), Akhil (Communications and the Arts) and Gavin (on behalf of Environment and Energy) provided presentations on how agencies are using the features and functions of govCMS. Nathan from the govCMS team talked about the govCMS roadmap, which we have just published.

govCMS community members enjoying pizza
A celebration cake with the govCMS logo on it

We then paused for cake and took a moment to acknowledge the work of the community and celebrate reaching the milestone of 50 agencies and more than 100 live sites using govCMS.

After dosing up on sugar it was time for the breakout sessions. These covered discussions on Drupal 8, the “Have your say” consultation module, the core features of govCMS, the CKAN module, the upcoming Drupal panel, a technical Q & A on the Distribution and finally the “Great govCMS feature election” where participants got to nominate and vote for new features.

If you weren’t able to attend the mega meeting or want a recap on some of the sessions you missed we have uploaded breakout session notes and the presentations to the govCMS community.

Thanks to everyone who came along. It was a great afternoon and we look forward to doing it again in 2017.

The govCMS community listening to a presentation