govCMS Camp

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govCMS Camp group photo


We’ve wrapped up our first govCMS camp. It was great to see so many people working together across the public and private sector at the grassroots level to develop digital solutions for government. We fixed seven bugs, improved accessibility, tested a range of functions and modules and added to the knowledge base with documentation, support and advice on the use of govCMS.


We kick-started the camp by breaking into project groups. These groups were soon hard at work on:

  • fixing bugs in the issue queue
  • improving accessibility for specific modules
  • conducting usability testing on mega menus
  • reviewing the CKAN module and creating documentation to help agencies use the features
  • assessing the media module for bulk upload functionality
  • workflow enhancements
  • webforms module conditions

The project groups tested and retested everything until they discovered the best solutions. There will be more information posted by the project groups on the govCMS community in the coming days, so stay tuned to find out more about all the fantastic discoveries the campers made.

The govCMS team would like to thank participants for all the hard work and time they put into the camp. We can’t wait to have another camp in the near future. Stay tuned on the govCMS community for information on upcoming events in 2017.