Flexible service delivery

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As govCMS allows, the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) used their own preferred service provider for the development of their web site. The Department of Finance collaborated with IHPA’s chosen provider to launch the new corporate website, www.ihpa.gov.au, on the govCMS platform.

IHPA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, James Downie said, “we chose govCMS as it represents a cost effective, reliable platform.  It offers an easily accessible website that allows users to easily locate publications and content.”

The govCMS service offers flexibility for agencies that seek to use professional services for design through to development and implementation. Professional services can be provided by the govCMS Service Provider, outsourced by the agency to their chosen provider, or delivered by an agency’s in-house development team.  All options to develop sites for govCMS are on the table as long as the agency makes a value for money decision in line with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The Department of Finance is pleased to welcome the IHPA site to govCMS. Contact us.