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Find out more about govCMS and meet the govCMS Team at DrupalGov Canberra on 8 February 2016.  govCMS is committed to open source technology and is proud to be a DrupalGov Canberra sponsor; supporting the use of open source technology in Australia.

Meet, connect and gain insights from the govCMS Team at the govCMS stall or from one of the four govCMS presentations:

      Sharyn Clarkson – Assistant Secretary, Department of Finance (Finance)

      “govCMS and the future of government websites”

How Finance took the lead in creating the govCMS service to enable an easier path for agencies to jump on board the open source revolution. A big picture govCMS presentation about how and why govCMS benefits government agencies, as well as a look into the future of what’s around the corner for govCMS.

      Paul Kilpatrick – Director (A/g), Finance

      “Site Preview and dealing with embargo content”

How Finance overcame the shortfalls with Drupal Site Preview and embargo content in relation to (making the site more secure). Covering how Finance implemented a full site preview system with drush, cron and a small custom module to push from a content editor’s environment to a live production environment with no outages. Detailing how this can be beneficial for those agencies dealing with embargo content but still wanting a presence in the public cloud.

      Glenn Martin – Assistant Director, Finance

      “Transitioning to govCMS”

Covering the various paths a government agency has when considering a move to govCMS.  Using real case studies of existing sites already in the govCMS environment and how an agency can self-serve their transition, right through to a fully outsourced development. Also showing how govCMS sites can indeed be unique while at the same time embracing a culture of Agile and iterative development to continuously improve upon a website in line with the Digital Transformation Office.

       Adam Leayr – Assistant Director, Finance

      “How building Drupal with Agile changed my life (the good, bad and ugly)”

Covering govCMS Technical Product Manager, Adam Leayr’s, journey from traditional waterfall-based development approaches, to adopting Agile methodologies in delivering Drupal-based govCMS initiatives. Comparing and contrasting the advantages and ‘gotchas’ encountered so far, dispelling Agile myths and examining ways we can become more responsive to our customers and stakeholders throughout the site building process.

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For further information contact the govCMS Team.