Department of Human Services signs up to govCMS

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In the life of govCMS, this is a defining moment: one of Australia’s largest websites,, has signed up to the govCMS platform.

The website delivers important information and services to Australian citizens.  With more than 115 million visits and 255 million page views a year, an efficient and effective platform is critical to its business requirements.  Moving to an open source, whole of government arrangement with a lot of the heavy lifting already done is simply a smart business decision.

DHS has a highly capable and skilled development team working with govCMS to create the new site. DHS plans to take advantage of the govCMS Platform as a Service offering as it provides maximum flexibility and permits appropriate customisation.

The new site is due to go live on the govCMS platform in early 2016. It will be the largest website to date to join govCMS. 

For more information contact the govCMS Team