CASA considers govCMS ‘top of the list’

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Finance is pleased to share the success of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), completing the final phase of their redesign for on govCMS.

Lauren Grant, Manager, Program Management Branch and project sponsor from CASA said, “We consider govCMS to be at the top of the list, offering a platform that is secure and stable and compliant with the Australia government’s emerging digital service standards.”

Starting their engagement with govCMS in 2015, CASA launched the first iteration of the corporate site on the govCMS Software as a Service (SaaS) platform - moving from a system that was in administration and no longer supported.

Phase two of the project was a full redesign of their website, including a new information architecture, clean-up of files and incorporating feedback from stakeholders. Internal staff were given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new structure and time to review content before the website was released externally.

Since moving to govCMS, CASA has gained the following benefits:

  • A stable platform with close to 100% uptime
  • Improved search functionality and options
  • A new design that extends to desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • A better oversight of all file listings to help with content remediation
  • Improved compliance with government requirements
  • Better functionality for content administrators

Finance and the govCMS team would like to congratulate CASA on their achievement.

If you would like to know more about govCMS please contact the govCMS Team to discuss your website requirements.