Australian State of the Environment report 2016 has launched

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This week the Department of Environment and Energy launched the Australian State of the Environment (SoE) report 2016.

Using govCMS, Environment has been able to create a highly interactive website that allows users to search for information, make comparisons between data and track changes to the environment over time.

The public now has access to a range of open data about the state of the Australian environment and the Department of Environment has developed 376 interactive maps and graphs to help people interpret this data.

It is an amazing site containing: 1 big review, 9 themes, 18 expert lead authors, 22 peer reviewers, 156 interactive maps, 210 interactive graphs, 362 accessible datasets, 500+ contributors, 72 graded report cards and 1166 graded assessments.

A lot of work went into developing the data visualisations using an open source Drupal module designed to integrate with CKAN data sources. This site is a great example of what agencies can achieve using open source systems, with the added advantage that the underlying technology is now available for reuse across government.

It has been great to see the collaboration that has gone into developing this site and we are looking forward to seeing how other agencies make use of the govCMS CKAN module in the future.