102 sites now on govCMS as we welcome Cancer Australia to the platform

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We are thrilled to welcome 23 sites from Cancer Australia to the govCMS platform and to announce that we now have 102 sites using govCMS.

Cancer Australia has a big online presence, with over 23 individual websites managed through the Drupal content management system.  They needed a new hosting arrangement for their sites and we were happy to help them out with our Platform as a Service offering. This service is designed for agencies who are not yet ready to move to our fully managed service or who prefer to keep maintaining their own content management software.

Lisa from Cancer Australia said “We made the decision to move to govCMS a few months ago when we realised that our current hosting provider was no longer servicing our online needs.  We were planning to launch an interactive ‘Check your cancer risk’ tool and knew we needed a more robust, flexible and cloud based solution.”

“It made sense to adopt a solution set up to support the whole of government. It is great to be part of a larger network of like-minded Drupal experts and know that our online assets are part of a safe, secure cloud hosting platform managed by Acquia.”

Reaching 102 sites is a real milestone for the govCMS community. 12 months ago we had just 15 sites live and 20 agencies on board. The 45 agencies now using govCMS are reaping the benefits of the growing community, and we are seeing more collaboration and sharing than ever before. We are also pleased to see such a variety of government organisations using govCMS and bringing new skills to the community.

The original projections for govCMS had a target of 58 live sites by the end of 2016, but consistent demand from federal, state and local government organisations has seen us exceed this by more than 70%, with more sites due to go live before the end of the year.

Check out the full list of govCMS agencies and sites or visit the govCMS Online Community to learn more about how people are using govCMS.