New pricing

Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

Over the past six months, GovCMS has invested in additional security tools and services. These are configured for all SaaS websites as part of their subscription. Many PaaS websites also opt-in to use these tools. With the unprecedented levels of traffic on the platform we've also made infrastructure changes to ensure the most affected sites remain resilient and scale with the traffic load. To cover these new costs, our prices will increase from 1 November 2020 for new subscriptions and all renewals that start on or after that date.

For PaaS plans, costs will increase and are determined based on the requirements for each contract. You will continue to get a specific quote with a break down of the costs that apply and the options you can pick from.

For SaaS, there is also an increase in the yearly fee for all plans, and an increase in the setup fee for new projects. Many SaaS projects are starting to make use of the Drupal API, content feeds, or dynamic content that doesn’t show up as a pageview in a Google Analytics report. To ensure site usage can be monitored and that subscriptions are sized correctly, a “max hits per month” has been added to each SaaS plan. This also takes affect from 1 November this year.

A “hit” (or http request) is processed by the GovCMS back-end infrastructure (also referred to as Origin). The maximum limit that applies to your plan measures all hits that are not cached by GovCMS CDN (Akamai). This includes traffic that is handled by Drupal such as:

  • database searches
  • API calls
  • requests received from feeds or scripts
  • downloads of uncached file assets (documents, style sheets, images etc)
  • bot activity and crawlers
  • search engine indexers (including Google Search Bot)
  • content editing and publishing activities.

Our budget has also been impacted by the changes in foreign currency rates affecting parts of the contracts we have in place with our suppliers.

The GovCMS budget is based on a zero net cost of service. This means these additional costs need to be cost recovered from participating agencies. By spreading the cost across all websites using the platform the impact on individual agencies is minimised.

If your site exceeds the traffic or storage allocation on your plan, the current review and excess usage billing process will continue. Where possible, small spikes in traffic that may generate additional costs will be averaged out over a 12-month period. Where additional fees do apply, the team will contact you first and provide more details before sending invoices.

If you are due to renew your contract in November 2020 we will be getting in contact with you soon.

SaaS hosting plans from 1 November 2020

GovCMS SaaS pricing plans
Subscription size Max page views Max hits per month Yearly fee Setup fee
Nano Up to 5,000 40,000 $8,000 $900
Micro 5,001 to 15,000 120,000 $16,000 $2,750
Mini 15,001 to 50,000 400,000 $32,000 $2,750
Extra-Small 50,001 to 100,000 800,000 $40,000 $2,750
Small 100,001 to 175,000 1.5 million $47,000 $2,750
Medium 175,001 to 350,000 3.0 million $54,000 $2,750
Large 350,001 to 800,000 6.5 million $77,000 $2,750
Extra-Large 800,001 to 1,500,000 12 million $110,000 $2,750
Mega* 1,500,001 up to 3,000,000 24 million $190,000 $2,750
Giga* 3,000,001 up to 5,000,000 40 million $300,000 $2,750


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