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govCMS is pleased to announce we will be sponsoring DrupalGov 2017.

There will be various sessions about govCMS at this event. These include:

1 week ago

picture of govCMS Camp participants working in groups
govCMS Camp participants


2 weeks ago

We’ve wrapped up our first govCMS camp. It was great to see so many people working together across the public and private sector at the grassroots level to develop digital solutions for government. We fixed seven bugs, improved accessibility, tested a range of functions and modules and added to the knowledge base with documentation, support and advice on the use of govCMS.

3 weeks ago

Here at govCMS central we use all types of user research, testing and feedback to improve the features and functions of the govCMS service. One of the most effective tools is our user insights board.

4 weeks ago

If one of your New Year resolutions included getting along to some govCMS training, now's the time to book in.

Pick a training course to see full details, including costs and registration deadlines.

1 month ago

govCMS Camp will be an opportunity for people to get together to add new functionality to govCMS, to enhance the govCMS distribution, and to help prioritise the list of current issues. As part of the grassroots events, this camp is designed to get the community together to share expertise, collaborate across agencies, and to contribute back to the open source community.

1 month ago

Welcome back to work from the govCMS team; we hope you had a nice and relaxing holiday. We’re looking forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond.

The govCMS community continues to grow. We currently have 18 sites in development. Some of these will go live during January and join the 119 sites already running on the govCMS platform.

1 month ago

2016 has been a huge year for the govCMS team and community.

2 months ago

The Department of Finance will establish a govCMS Drupal Services Panel in 2017. The process begins today with the release of the govCMS Drupal Services Panel Request for Tender (RFT).

This panel is designed to:

2 months ago

The govCMS team will host another roundtable discussion with service providers on Wednesday 26 April 2017. It’ll be similar to the roundtable discussion we hosted in May 2016.

We recently held the govCMS mega meeting for the govCMS community and will be seeking input from service providers in a similar way.

2 months ago