Prepare to launch your site

Some or all of these tasks may form part of your launch process, depending on which GovCMS service and approach you are using. This is not an exhaustive list, just a reminder of some of the business, technical and user tasks required prior to your go-live time and date.

  • Ensure all functionality required for the launch has been released into the code base
  • Add new themes to the site
  • Add all the relevant content to the site
  • Ensure all components of testing have been conducted – performance, user acceptance, business verification testing
  • Provide us with a list of users/administrators to become members of the GovCMS Customer Network community on govdex
  • Review your user roles and permissions and make sure they align with the service provider and Department of Finance support mechanisms
  • Notify us and the service provider of the day and time of your go-live for your site
  • Check links, email directions and URL redirects for the new site/location
  • Advise relevant search engines and verify that Google Analytics is tracking the site
  • Make sure that your communications team and relevant stakeholders and executives in your agency know of the go-live date well in advance, so that they can create communications and marketing to accompany the launch if required.