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Get a better understanding of GovCMS, step by step.


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It’s easy to check out the features and accompanying technology of GovCMS to see if they’re suitable for your organisation.

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Think about extras

Whether you're migrating an existing site or creating a new one, you may need assistance. Additional professional services include identifying business and technical requirements, help with content migration and complete redesign, development and implementation.

Think about extras


Choose an offering

There are two GovCMS offerings available - SaaS and PaaS. SaaS removes the burden of managing your own software, licensing and infrastructure. For most agencies SaaS is the answer; you can then just concentrate on core business requirements. PaaS is a self-managed offering in a dedicated cloud environment. You get high level customisation freedom but you'll need a lot more internal expertise.

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Apply to join

If your agency is ready to sign up for GovCMS, you'll need to provide some basic information to inform our discussions with you and to help identify the right pricing plan.

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Build, migrate

Using your own resources or chosen provider, it's time to start building. You can build in your preferred development environment and, via your Lead Engagement Officer, arrange later migration to the GovCMS environment. You may also be able to build directly into the GovCMS environment.

Build, migrate


Prepare for launch of your site

As your go-live date approaches, the launch checklist will guide you through the final steps, processes and schedules. Your Lead Engagement Officer can provide further assistance.

Prepare for launch

New to GovCMS? For help with some of the definitions, see GovCMS basics.

Usage statistics

The GovCMS Jumpstart engagement was a highly valuable experience for IP Australia, which allowed us to simultaneously build our in-house Drupal and website development skills and deploy the PSB site in less than three weeks.
Paul Short Director Strategic Communication – Digital for IP Australia
IP Australia Testimonial