Product features


GovCMS is built on Drupal open source software, so any new functionality developed for one agency can be shared across all GovCMS websites.


Proactively tested and maintained to meet government standards and fend off threats to agency websites. More about security.


Provides agencies with a starting point and tools to create accessible websites. Out of the box, GovCMS core functions and features (the distribution) are WCAG AA compliant and follow best practice service design based on the Digital Services Standard.


With government website audiences increasingly mobile and new devices appearing all the time, GovCMS provides a responsive and adaptable solution without any effort on your part. Your GovCMS website will work well on any device.

Easy signup

Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Finance to commence work on your agency website.


Built with load balancing capabilities and disaster recovery to ensure high availability of agency websites, the GovCMS platform has a website up time of 99.95% each month.


Join the discussion, get access to features developed by other agencies and tap into the growing experience of the GovCMS community.

Options to suit you

No in-house expertise? Special needs?
No problem...we have packages and extras available to help you create or move your site. No two sites need look alike... GovCMS is customisable!

News, event and media release management

GovCMS provides publications, media and event management functionality that can be used to deliver announcements and information to the website audience.

Sophisticated workflow

GovCMS lets agencies create customised workflows with built-in permissions. Workflows retain content from all previous versions of each page and can be retrieved if required. Pages can be set to automatically publish and unpublish on specific dates.

Backup and auditing

GovCMS takes regular backups of the website database and files.
Audit logs will be maintained for 7 years.

Starter themes

GovCMS has Agency and Ministerial white sites which agencies can use as a basis for your site.

Content preview

GovCMS lets content authors and approvers preview the content as it would appear on the website, prior to publishing to the live site.


GovCMS provides the ability to develop custom forms, such as ‘contact us’ and ‘feedback’ forms to gather basic information from website visitors.


GovCMS is flexible to use whichever search engine the agencies require. Interfaces are available for Google, Funnelback, Apache Solr or Drupal CMS search.


GovCMS allows users to gather website analytics by embedding the Google analytics code.

Rich content editing

GovCMS includes a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) content editor, giving content authors the ability to develop and edit content in a way that is familiar, such as the format used by Microsoft Word.


Agencies can implement their own standards compliant themes and customise their branding. GovCMS provides a list of features which agencies can choose to use or not, simply by configuring GovCMS.


GovCMS provides a blog interface that allows agencies to open a communication channel with their users.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimise your website for search engines: create and set customised URL paths, create custom page titles, update sitemap.xml and include specific key-worded site content.